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Maruthi Maruthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School


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Salient Features of our Teaching

  • Our teachers are in close rapport with our students.
  • The duties of our teachers are well defined for the overall development of our students.
  • We give our students room to do extensive practice in the form of homework, subject-oriented assignments, and see that students complete the assignments and engage with the course materials through a powerful evaluating mechanism.
  • We conduct review sessions by external subject experts and promote the materials and activities that support learning outside the classroom.
1 Mrs. J. SARATHA M.Sc.,M.Phil., B.Ed. PRINCIPAL
3 Mrs. V. VENGALAKSHMI M.A.,B.Ed. Lecturer in Tamil
4 Mr. V. SUPRAYAN B.A.,D.L. Lecturer in French
5 Ms. S. SUJA M.A., B.Ed. Lecturer in English
6 Mr. S. KARTHIKEYAN M.Sc., B.Ed. Lectuer in Mathematics
7 Mr. M. MANIKANDAN M.Phil., B.Ed. Lecturer in Physics
8 Mr. K. SUSAINATHAN M.Phil., B.Ed. Lecturer in Physics
9 Mrs. R. RAMAMURTHY M.Sc.,B.Ed. Lecturer in Chemistry
10 Mr. RAVICHANDAR M.Sc., B.Ed. Lecturer in Botany
11 Mrs. S. PRABAVATHY MCA. Lecturer in Computer Science
13 N. SARANYA M.Sc., B.Ed. T.G.T
17 M. ARUNA D.T.Ed. P.S.T
19 C. GUIDA B.A., B.Ed. P.S.T
20 P. REKKA B.Sc.Ed. PST
23 M. JANAKI M.A., B.Ed. Communication Skills Teacher
26 G. MANIBHARATHI M.P.Ed. Lecturer in Physical Education
27 DR.ARUN TIPANDJAN M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Wellness Teacher
28 R.KARTHIK RAJA Diploma in Special Education Special Teacher

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