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Our School Library

  • A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools. It develops an essential awareness in students of the importance of books and other resources and also promotes the essential habit of reading among students.
  • We have set up a good library that provides a very spacious and flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching all round the year.
  • Our library is well equipped with more than 50000 books; it is a safe haven for all our students to think, create, share and grow; it also provides opportunities for our students to engage in deep thinking and lively learning discussions.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

  • We know that investments in school infrastructure have an essential role in solving access problems of students to the school system and to achieve the expected academic results.
  • The conditions of a school directly impact the performance of the students. In addition, it tends to improve the attendance and interest of students and teachers in learning.
  • The improvement of the physical conditions of schools is as closely related to learning as other educational inputs including home environment, motivation, good teachers, libraries, technologies, or student services.
  • In tune with the changing times, we have been continuously updating our teaching tools and classrooms. With the help of the experts, we have done our best to comply with the following parameters:
    • We ensure pollution-free, airy and spacious classrooms for teachers and students, with an adequate temperature, ventilation, and lighting, with water, electricity, and Internet services, as well as sanitary services and the respective drainage of sewage waters.
    • Our school has LCD Projector-mounted lecture halls with digitalized teaching facilities and spaces for natural sciences, information technology, physics and chemistry labs.
    • We have spaces for the development of talents and entertainment, sports, and culture.

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